Lauren’s Invisalign Blog: Refinements continued

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Yesterday I was on the final day of my last active tray on set 1 of refinements. I had Dr Blattner do an exam and he and I were both still not happy with the lower front teeth. They are not quite straight enough plus I have a black triangle between the lower central incisors. He gave me a couple options, which were to either be re-scanned and get a new set of refinement trays, or he could do some IPR and “bump” my tray. We decided to try the second option. He took an Invisalign plier and put a “bump” in the lower 1st over-correction tray on the area that needs to move. He also did IPR on #25 and #26. IPR is interproximal reduction and this was done with a little file to remove a small amount of enamel in between the teeth. This small reduction should allow enough room for the teeth to move into their proper spots. I am to wear this lower tray for 2 weeks and keep my current tray for the upper teeth. He thinks this should do the trick and then I could be done. If not, I may have to get scanned for another set of trays. I will be happy either way. Invisalign with Propel has been so easy that one more set of trays wouldn’t bother me at all. I know I’m being very picky about my results but so is Dr Blattner and I’m so glad that he is just as particular and wants the best results for me.

StillĀ  need to fix the black triangle on the lower

Almost there!