Laser Dentistry

The dentists of SmilesRForever now offer laser dentistry! The soft tissue diode laser now in use by SmilesRForever dentists both reduces treatment time – translating into less “chair time” for patients – and improves patient comfort both during and after procedures.

Soft tissue diode lasers work by emitting light that is delivered as quick pulses of energy to the treatment area. Various wavelengths of light are used depending on the type of tissue being treated. These lasers are more accurate than traditional dental treatments and may be applied during numerous dental procedures, including crowns, gingival contouring, implant recovery, root canals, dental surgery, and deep cleaning. The use of a soft tissue diode laser also increases the amount of harmful bacteria that is eliminated in a patient’s mouth during treatment, further enhancing SmilesRForever’s already stringent patient health and safety guidelines. In addition, soft tissue diode lasers minimize or eliminate bleeding that occasionally results from traditional treatment methods.

Thanks in large part to advancements in laser dentistry, much of the discomfort during and after soft tissue dental procedures has been minimized or eliminated completely! For example, the vibrations caused by more traditional practices are often the main reason for patient pain, both during and after the procedure. Our soft tissue diode laser minimizes such vibrations.

The non-invasive applications of our soft tissue diode laser provide patients with increased comfort during procedures, and in some cases, only a topical anesthetic gel is used during treatment. In many cases, no suturing is involved, which in turn minimizes the time required for procedures as well as for patient recovery.

Our SmilesRForever dentists are thrilled to offer laser dentistry to our patients! With decreased procedure time, increased patient comfort, and heightened precision during procedures, our adoption of laser dentistry signifies not only a new chapter in advanced dental technologies at SmilesRForever, but also our continued commitment of excellence to our patients.