Your Smile at Smiles R Forever: Sterilization and patient safety

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Welcome to the new portion of the Smiles R Forever blog. My name is Kay and I have been a dental hygienist for 33 years and have worked at Smiles R Forever for 24 years. Throughout the years there have been many positive changes in dentistry and in my monthly blog posts I will highlight these changes. Let me tell you a little more about myself. I have been married to my husband Scott for 30 years and have 2 children Taylor and Robbie. Taylor was just an infant when I came to Smiles R Forever. She has given us a beautiful grandson Tristan. Feel free to ask for pictures after I clean your teeth. My son Robbie was born very early and it was a miracle he and I survived. He is now 19 and confined to a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy. I had to take a couple years off work but Smiles R Forever welcomed me back with open arms and have been wonderful letting me work around my son’s needs.

Here at Smiles R Forever our sterilization is top notch and our doctors made sure of that after the AIDS scare in the 80’s. I remember when I first started in dentistry we didn’t even wear gloves or masks and polishing paste would splatter in my eyes. Now I wear gloves, a mask, and dental loupes to protect myself. One form of sterilization we pride ourselves on here at Smiles R Forever is the Waterclave. It is a water purifier that sterilizes any water we put in the patient’s mouth. If a boil order is issued we can still treat patients safely. Our waterclave is tested weekly for bacteria and it reports back to us zero bacteria. The waterclave is the gold standard in dental unit waterline treatment. Very few offices have this and Smiles R Forever was the alpha beta test site for the Federal Drug Administration certification of this purification device. It is of utmost importance to keep our patients safe while giving them a dazzling smile. Our doctors have always been on the cutting edge of dentistry and are always learning new procedures. Anything we put in the patient’s mouth is sterilized or disposable. Dentistry is very safe now for the patient and practitioner especially at Smiles R Forever. You will not leave with anything you didn’t come in with lol. We love giving a tour of our sterilization area and are very proud of what we do.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog, there will be many more to come. I plan to touch on dentistry and life in general. Robbie’s positive attitude has rubbed off on me. I’ve learned it’s the challenges in life that bring out the best in us when we choose to stay positive. Have a positive day!