Whiten Forever

An Amazing Value

Whiten Forever provides options in teeth-whitening at every budget and comfort level. Consider Home Tray Whitening, In-Office Whitening, or Combination Whitening which includes both in-office and tray whitening.

Tray whitening is considered the gold standard of care for home-based whitening. As part of your Whiten Forever investment, when you buy any tray whitening system at $159 or more, you will receive a free booster syringe of whitening gel at each of your subsequent six-month recare (cleaning and check-up) appointments. By combining tray whitening with biannual recare appointments, patients can achieve a healthy, white smile. Whiten your teeth forever at SmilesRForever with our Whiten Forever Program! Start today

  • Combination Whitening In-Office and Home Trays
    $449 Best
    • Combination One Office Whitening Session and Two Arch Digital Deluxe Tray Whitening!
    • Regularly a $900 value.
    • The ultimate whitening package.
  • In-Office Whitening-White in One Hour
    $259 Better
    • One Hour In-Office Whitening!
    • Convenient, fast, and easy.
    • Regularly a $500 value.
  • Home Tray Whitening-Whiter Everyday
    $189 Good
    • TWO Digital Deluxe Tray Whitening!
    • You get two custom-made trays plus booster gel kit, regularly a $400 value.
    • Booster gel for additional whitening is $7 for one tube and $12 for two. Purchase three or more tubes for $5 each.
    • $50 to get free bleach gel at each check up for life.

Note: No further discounts or professional courtesies apply to any special price offers described above.

Whiten your smile, brighten your community. Tray whitening system $159 and $75 is donated to a local charity.