We know the only time you flossed was just before your appointment

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Before you sit down in the dentist’s chair and tell us tall tales about your excellent brushing and flossing routine, you should know that we can read your mouth like an open book. While we ask you if you’ve been flossing regularly, we can tell with just one look if you’re telling the truth.

One floss right before your appointment can leave your gums bleeding and irritated if you’ve not been flossing regularly. We can see where you may have gone overboard with the motions of flossing in your hurry to clean up.

The gums between the teeth can also look inflamed as plaque, bacteria, and debris have sat for a while. They will appear pink and puffy and bleed very easily when prodded.

An even bigger sure sign of flossing neglect is cavity formation between the teeth. Even the beginning stages of a cavity can indicate a lack in your daily routine.

Now let’s talk about how you can change things around and impress us! Better hygiene habits will greatly benefit the health of your mouth and make you (and us) happier. We suggest investing in an electric toothbrush. They just do a better job getting into those hard to reach places. Next, we suggest you set a timer and brush for two minutes or more. Lastly, use a gentler approach. Heavy brushing can damage your tooth structure and injure your gums, so hold your brush softly at a 45-degree angle and brush in a small circular motion for the best results.

We know that many of our patients frantically brush and floss before coming in to see us, but let’s work together to develop a better and more regular brushing and flossing routine. Remember … we’re here to support you in preventative actions that will support the life of your smile!

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