Truly Advanced Diagnostics

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At SmilesRForever we provide you with advanced diagnostics to help give you the best care. Better diagnostics essentially help you and are used to develop better choices and a better plan of action.

We use only digital x-rays with up to a 90 percent reduction in radiation and since 2014 we’ve gone a leap further by using 3D x-rays via a cone beam cat scan, 3D CBCT. With our 3D CBCT technology your implant surgery can be done virtually before it is done in your mouth. Other benefits of a CBCT are that we can diagnose cracked tooth syndrome and can not only view your teeth but can take 3D films of your TMJ and airway. These benefits create value for you and your treatment. Better diagnostics result in more cost effective care.

In addition to our 3D CBCT, we use other advanced diagnostic tools such as trans-illumination to cross verify cracked teeth issues and determine magnitude and depth of crack/damage. Another advanced tool used is our Acteon camera with fluorescence mode to determine cavities at an early stage before detectable on an x-ray. Early detection allows early treatment with less damage to your tooth and less cost.

We are proud to offer you the most advanced diagnostics because ultimately, your oral health benefits from optimum choices.