Commitment to Safety

smilesrforever-sterilization-and-safetySince 1991, our top priority has been your safety.

When you visit a dental office, you should have the confidence that you are, not only receiving the best dental care available, but that the environment and the instruments used are safe. Smiles R Forever has been exceeding safety and aseptic guidelines for over 40 years.

  • Our office uses a high-tech Waterclave water filtration to eliminate the bacteria count in the water lines and air. This system exceeds the American Dental Association (ADA) dental unit water line water quality guidelines. (Learn more about our Waterclave Water Purifier).
  • All instruments are either sterilized based on the ADA’s recommendations or disposed of after one use. (Read about our sterilization process).
  • Both doctors completed hospital-based dental residency’s that require advanced sterilization training and protocols. (Learn more about our doctors).
  • We analyze the efficacy of our sterilization equipment regularly with special microbial tests.
  • We wear gloves, masks, and safety glasses when providing patients with dental care.
  • We wash our hands with a germ-killing soap and change gloves after each patient.
  • After each patient, we discard all disposable items used during treatment and thoroughly disinfect each room using a standard protocol.

Our office follows and surpasses the infection control recommendations made by: