Lauren’s Invisalign Blog- Trays 1 and 2

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been about a month since my last post and a lot has happened between now and then.
Since my last blog, the biggest news is I have received my trays so I’m
officially in treatment!! I got my first set of trays on March 19th
which was only a few weeks after my itero scan. I was really impressed at how
fast they arrived. Since I was at work when the trays came in, I got to start
them that day. We tried in the first set and they fit well. At the advice
of the assistant, I waited to start my first trays until bed time that night
just in case there was any discomfort. She also advised me to take some Tylenol
before bed to help ease any pain. The next morning I was definitely sore but it
wasn’t too terrible. My teeth felt more sore when the trays were out so I actually liked
having them in more than having them out, which is good since they need to be
worn 22 hours a day.  The first few days it
felt weird having something constantly in my mouth but it wasn’t
uncomfortable, I was just aware of them at all times.  After about day 4, they were barely noticeable
to me anymore!  I found it wasn’t really
a big deal to take them out to eat and drink, but I’m not one to brush after
every meal so that has been an adjustment.  I made an oral hygiene kit in a small makeup
bag with floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and my case. I keep this in
my purse so I’m prepared to brush my teeth and trays everywhere I go. The only
thing I can’t really do since I have these trays in is snack but that’s a good
thing! I just make sure I’m eating 3 balanced meals a day. I was worried about
drinking my morning coffee on the way to work and how my Invisalign treatment
would affect this since you can’t drink coffee with the trays in because they
stain or the temperature could warp them, but I found a solution.  I just keep my trays in while I get ready for
work then pop them out right before I leave and I drink my coffee on the way to
work, which is what I have always done so I’m glad I didn’t have to change my
morning coffee routine. I have about a 30 min drive to work so it’s perfect to
enjoy my coffee and a breakfast on the go then I brush and put the trays in
when I get to work. It’s really great how you don’t have to give up the drinks
or food you love while doing Invisalign. Overall the first 2 weeks were easy. Other than the fact that I had some soreness and it
took a few days to get used to wearing the trays, it was pretty easy.
first 2 weeks went by quick and then it was time for attachments and tray 2. I
needed a total of 11 buttons on my canines and premolars, one tooth even has 2 buttons on it. It took about 30 minutes
for them to be put on and it was a painless, quick procedure. Since I got my attachments put on I
had to switch to my second tray because the first tray doesn’t accommodate for
the attachments. I had to start this tray right away so that I wouldn’t be
without a tray all day. This set of trays fit well but I could instantly feel the pressure on my teeth and I ended up
having a little headache for the day. It wasn’t unbearable, but now I know why they
say to put the new trays in at bedtime.  Currently
I’m on week 2 of this tray and my teeth don’t seem as sore as they did with
first set when I take them out or maybe I’m just used to the soreness now. When I take the trays out, the attachments
haven’t really bothered me. I had heard some people say that they can
irritate your cheeks or cause sores.  I haven’t had any issues but it could be because I don’t
keep my trays out for very long. As far as wearing the trays for the
recommended 22 hours goes, it hasn’t been difficult during the week but on the weekends
I really have to watch my wear time when going out to eat or having a drink. For
me it’s not hard to be disciplined in keeping the trays in because this is
something I really want and I know if I don’t wear the trays then I won’t get
results.  I start Tray 3 of 17 tonight and
I’m excited to be moving forward to another tray. 
Below are my before pictures that show my deep bite and crowding on my lower teeth. I’ll post updated pictures on my next blog post to see if we can notice any changes!