Lauren’s Invisalign Blog: Refinements Round 2

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Here’s an update on
my latest Invisalign progress! I had an exam a few weeks ago to see if my
bottom teeth moved into position since my previous exam, 2 weeks before, when Dr.
Blattner did IPR and bumped my tray. 
Luckily the teeth cooperated and have moved into place but I still have
the large black triangle on the lower front teeth. The black triangle can
happen for a few reasons but basically there is no gum tissue there to fill in
the space so it’s just a dark space in between the teeth.  Dr. Blattner explained to me that it was
totally up to me if I wanted to change this or leave it.  It’s completely a personal preference. I
decided I would like to try to fix it or at least make it smaller. Since I
decided this, I will need to be re-scanned and get another round of
refinements. A few days later I got my buttons off and another scan done.  My teeth are looking so great and I’ve been
getting lots of compliments on them lately. My bite feels great and much better
than the deep bite I started with. I’m excited to see the finished results and
I can’t believe I’m almost done.  I’ve
been in Invisalign for almost 7 months now and it has gone by so fast. The only
other change is that my Propel has worn off and I can tell this because of the
way my trays fit when I switch them, which is why I wore this last tray for 2
weeks.  So this next set of refinement trays
will have to be worn for a full 2 weeks. If I had longer to go on my treatment,
I would do Propel again but since this is my last set of trays it wouldn’t be
worth doing again. 

Since I feel like
this process has been smooth sailing, I started to think about why.  I’ve heard people say negative things about
Invisalign and how they didn’t get the results they wanted. One reason why I
think my Invisalign treatment has gone so well is because of Smiles R Forever and Dr. Blattner.
Our doctors are Preferred Invisalign Providers so they know what they are doing
when it comes to treatment planning an Invisalign case. Most people think it’s
Invisalign who does the work but really it’s the doctors who prescribe and plan
the case. The other thing that has helped my treatment is the technology at
Smiles R Forever. We have an itero scanner that is more precise than
impressions and gives a very accurate scan which provides more accurate fitting
trays that work better.  Lastly, I think
my treatment has gone so well due to my compliance and patience. Invisalign
doesn’t work unless you wear it 22 hours a day. You have to be willing to wear
the trays all the time and be diligent about it. Invisalign’s total treatment
time is usually shorter than traditional braces but it takes time to see
results so you have to be patient with the process in order to achieve maximum
results. There are many components that go into a successful Invisalign case
and hopefully hearing about my treatment has helped you to realize what these
components are.