Lauren’s Invisalign Blog: Refinement update

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This is just a quick update and a few photos. Currently, I’m on tray 3 of 5 on my second round of refinements. Everything has been pretty uneventful, no major changes or issues. I can tell my “black triangle” on bottom is closing slightly so I will just continue to watch it change over the next few trays. If it doesn’t close, Dr. Blattner had talked about maybe using some composite/ bonding  to help fill in the gap, which is probably what will end up happening. I’m still very happy with my results. I feel like since I’ve started this round of refinements that my bite has shifted a little and I’m hitting more on my front teeth than the back so I hope that it gets back to the way it was before this refinement.

Lastly, the holidays are making it difficult to keep the trays in 22 hours a day. On Thanksgiving, it was hard to wear my trays for the recommended amount of time. I had multiple places to go and I was pretty much snacking and eating all day.  This was the first time that I’ve gone that long without wearing my trays. I think I took them out at about noon and didn’t put them back in until 7pm. I made sure to use my chewy that night to get the trays in place and I usually use a chewy every few days to make sure my trays are seating well. I have a feeling Christmas will be the same way but I’m trying to be good everyday even though there are lots of holiday goodies to snack on at work lately.I’ll update again around Christmas!

On Tray 3 of 5

Tray 3 of 5 on 2nd round of refinements