Gentle Dental Care

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Do you want a truly gentle approach to your dental care? Often patients are reluctant and or anxious about the dentist. Anxiety, fear, poor previous experiences or horror stories from others about their phobias or just being scared of the unknown can cause you to have negative emotions at a dental visit.  Our team is dedicated to helping you feel good about your visits and care at SmilesRForever. We start off your first visit with a friendly tour of the office to acquaint you with our strange new-fangled stuff, i.e., advanced technologies. On your tour, you will meet friendly, smiling staff, your smile team. Rest assured we want you to feel comfortable.

One way we can make you feel comfortable is through anxiolytics. Anxiolytic refers to a medication or other intervention that inhibits anxiety. We use a few medications such as Halcion and diazepam to help our patients reduce their anxiety.

Other interventions we use are super strong topical gels before injections. Also, for injections, we use the Dentavibe, which is a vibratory adjunct to distract your sensory system to diminish or avoid the feeling of the “shot.”  Afraid you won’t get numb? SmilesRForever doctors can use a ligamaject to help insure profound anesthesia. It’s a professional syringe system to deliver numbness exactly where you need it.

For your comfort, laughing gas, nitrous oxide, is available. Nitrous oxide can significantly reduce anxiety and apprehension of the dental visit. A frightened, child cooperates more. Less stress, fatigue, and gagging occur, too. Laughing gas can help you or a family member have a happy smile at the end of your visit.

Worried? Anxious? Don’t be. We have it covered and care enough to treat you like family.