Don’t let bleeding gums get you down

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If you see red in the sink after brushing your teeth and spitting, don’t be alarmed yet. Do you need to see your dentist? Probably. Do you need to change your hygiene routine? Yes, definitely!

First, let’s talk about what could be causing those bleeding gums. Gingivitis or the early stage of gum disease is a leading cause. For those that don’t brush and floss regularly, bacteria can build up around your teeth. White or yellowish plaque and bleeding gums are a warning sign. Your dentist can scrape away the plaque and bacteria, and a better brushing and flossing routine can help reverse the signs.

Pregnancy and some medications have been known to cause swollen, bleeding gums. You should discuss these concerns with your dentist and keep an eye on any obvious changes in the look of your gums or the amount of bleeding. Unfortunately, even with the best of brushing and flossing routines, symptoms can arise.

If you’ve just recently changed your oral health routine to include more brushing or flossing, you might notice slight bleeding and swelling. Your gums are not used to the extra efforts, and they will protest at first. Slowly and surely they will adjust and build a tolerance to your brush strokes and flossing. Hang in there; the benefits will come, just make sure you’re not brushing too hard and ruining all your hard work!

If you have bleeding gums, make sure you’re brushing and flossing twice a day. Use an electric toothbrush to have a bigger overall impact. Don’t forget to see your dentist regularly, avoid tobacco, and eat a healthier diet.

You need a special visit to your dentist if

  1. Your gums remain red and painfully swollen.
  2. Your gums are sensitive to hot and cold.
  3. You have gaps between your gums and the tooth.
  4. You can’t ditch the bad breath or lingering bad taste in your mouth.
  5. Your teeth are loose.

The sooner you see your dentist about the warning signs of gum disease, the sooner you can reverse the signs and symptoms your experiencing. Call SmilesRForever at 618-939-4042 if you have concerns over your gums. We’re here to help!