Immediate Dentures

Sometimes, unfortunately you can find yourself wondering if your teeth are worth saving or can be saved. Together, you and a SmilesRForever doctor, can review your teeth issues, your desires for your smile, and find a beautiful solution for you that you can feel confident and good about. Sometimes it may surprise you what advanced technology and training can do for your smile, maybe even save your smile without a denture or partial denture.

If you have teeth that need to be removed, a great option is to have an immediate denture placed. Immediate dentures are easier to adapt to wearing, speaking, and eating. Immediate dentures can be more like your original smile in size and shape, if you wish. Likewise, with your teeth failing you, immediate dentures can improve on any deficiencies in esthetics, straightness, or color. We will discuss all your options to help insure you have results you are comfortable and happy with.

SmilesRForever dentures are custom personalized denture prosthetics that improve your smile as well as your facial harmony. Expect fuller lips, broader smiles, a more natural appearance, better chewing capacity, less facial wrinkles, greater confidence, and comfort. With a few appointments, you will achieve a smile to you make you feel your best. Our doctors utilize premium teeth and acrylic bases from our own labs that we have developed long term relationships with to give you your beautiful new smile.

InPlace Dentures or “Snap In Dentures”

Snap in dentures can be a game changer for the patient who lacks proper denture stability due to poor bone anatomy and lack of retention. With the usage of our latest technology, our 3D CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography, we determine if you have enough bone to place 2 to 4 or more implants and not have to guess. These implants, after fusing to the bone, can be adapted with a snapping mechanism to hold your denture securely in place. These snaps are called zest locators. Think of it, chewing what you want without fear of pain or embarrassment. Snap in dentures may be your answer. Go to to learn more.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures can restore your smile back to a more youthful time, before you lost a few teeth. Partial dentures can fill in the gaps where your teeth are missing and help your remaining teeth chew better and last longer. The most popular and latest types of partial dentures are not metal but a flexible type that hugs and does not hurt your remaining teeth. In the past metal wires on partials can often stress and create issues with the teeth they hold against, such as sensitivity, decay, fractures, and gum disease.  True flexible partials by their nature help avoid these issues. Chewing, comfort, and confidence increase with flexible partials. Your anchor teeth last longer and your partial works better. Ask a SmilesRForever doctor for a complete evaluation to see if you can be smiling with a flexible partial denture.