Dental Insurance

Whether you are a new patient to our office or an existing patient with a change in your dental insurance (i.e., new job, new dental insurance carrier at your current job, etc.), we ask that you provide the following information and documents at the time of scheduling your appointment.

  • A copy of your insurance card
  • Subscriber’s name
  • Date of Birth and Social Security Number, or Subscriber ID
  • Subscriber’s Employer’s name
  • The 800 number to call to verify your benefits and eligibility

Once we have that information, our Treatment Coordinators will contact your dental insurance company to help determine your insurance benefits and limitations.

Our staff is here to help you with your dental insurance and to provide assistance with your dental claims.  However, we cannot make any guarantees when it comes to payments or estimates, as your insurance is a contract between you and your employer’s chosen dental insurance plan.

If a claim is denied for care, oftentimes we will assist in appealing the decision.  This is where our business staff’s experience may help.  Ultimately, after 90 days, and after non-payment from insurance, you are responsible for services provided.

Predeterminations (pre-authorizations) on extensive dental care and treatment are recommended to give you an estimate of insurance reimbursement.  But please keep in mind that predeterminations are not legally binding for your insurance company.

Dental insurance is a great benefit to have!  As a patient, please be aware that oftentimes insurance will not pay for everything.  Also, please be aware of your benefits and be prepared for what part of your treatment you will be required to pay for out of pocket.  Sometimes it requires you advocating and appealing for yourself (beyond our assistance) to get reimbursement from your dental insurance company.

Your dental insurance is welcome at SmilesRForever as long as you can go to a dentist of your choice.  We are contracted providers with the following organizations:

  • Aetna/Assurant
  • Delta Dental
  • United Healthcare

We are here to help you, but it is your dental insurance. Please contact us if you need guidance!

We now proudly offer The Smile Advantage Plan. If you do not have dental insurance or are thinking about looking for something better, please read about our Smile Advantage membership plan.

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